Matt and Donna during a canvassing trip for the Campaign to Save Our Public Schools during the 2016 campaign

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We have a saying around the campaign office, "The ones who get to talk to him are the ones that vote for him." In other words, we all believe that when Matt has the opportunity to share his knowledge and ideas for making the town better with voters, he'll almost always earn their vote!

Not every voter has access to social media or our website, so we have to be creative and effective about getting out our message. That's the main reason we ask our committed supporters to contribute to the campaign. With every dollar our ability to send mailers, make ads, and print leaflets is improved. We appreciate every donation received, which is why you'll receive a personal thank you from Matt every time that you do.

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Committee To Elect Matt Bryer

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​Committee to Elect Matt Bryer
180 Green St.
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"I've lived in Weymouth for the last 40 years, raised my two sons here, and sent them both to Weymouth Public Schools. After years of political involvement in the town working for educational and other causes I thought I had seen it all. Until the summer of  2015 when I met a candidate that gave me hope for a positive change. I met Matt during his first campaign for School Committee and after hearing him speak I knew he was the right pick for the position and he had my vote. That's the thing about Matt, if you can talk to him for just a minute, you'll have the same impression. That's why I decided to contribute. If I can help Matt talk to more people he'll be sure to win! I hope that you'll follow in my footsteps and the footsteps of others who want to see someone as dedicated, informed, and qualified for this position as Matt is, elected to the Weymouth School Committee!"

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