I've been involved in the Weymouth School System in some capacity for most of my life. Whether through attending classes or attending meetings, I have gained a first hand account of the conditions of our classrooms and the efficacy of our policies. I have a historic approach and perspective to the information that comes across my desk that is paramount to being able to make good decisions. I have the time and dedication necessary to ensure that I will always be looking out for the best interests of both the students and the taxpayers. I am ready to serve and I hope that you'll allow me the honor of doing so.

Together we can win!

It is not enough to just know what you are talking about when it comes to education. You need to be ready to take action on a moments notice. That is why when we fell short in the first election in 2015 I did not sit on the sidelines; I stayed involved and informed. When the most significant threat to public education in Weymouth and Massachusetts came along last November I didn't hesitate to get involved. The facts are clear, passing Question 2 on the ballot in 2016 would have bankrupted local school districts and created derelict schools for hundreds of thousands of students.

My decision to run for School Committee both then and now is derived from a sense of obligation. It is my firmest belief that each of us has the ability, through service, to leave a lasting impression on the world. That principal has shaped the content of my character and the path that I have chosen in my life. In sixth grade my brother joined the Army. When he was deployed to Iraq, hearing the limited supplies my brother and his fellow soldiers had, I was inspired to help. I created an organization called Safe Soldier and operated it from the time I was 11 until I was 18 years old. I, with the help of family and peers, was able to send hundreds of care packages overseas.

Matt and a group of volunteers standing out against Question 2

During my senior year of high school, my best friend and I developed a curriculum to teach seventh graders about civic literacy.  We took three days off of our regular classes to go to Chapman Middle School that year and teach 82 students the value of being involved with government and how even at that young age they could make a difference in their community. I've gone back for 2 years since then and have now taught over 200 students in total.

Hi! My name is Matt Bryer and I am running for Weymouth School Committee. You may recognize me from the last time I ran in 2015 or maybe I knocked on your door sometime in 2016 while I was canvassing for the Campaign to Save Our Public Schools. No matter how you met me, or even if this is your first time learning about me, I hope the one thing that stands out is that I am committed to public education. My family and I have always believed in the power of public education to be the great equalizer in this country. That is why my parents sent me to the Weymouth Public Schools and I chose to attend UMass Boston, a public university. I am running for a seat on the Weymouth School Committee to make positive changes in our schools. I want to make an impact for my three nieces and their classmates so that their district can support whatever path they may want to follow. I am running because I want to use the position to begin networking with other districts and foster a coalition dedicated to initiatives that promote public education and student success. I am running because together we can teach a new generation that there is nothing they cannot achieve.

Dedicated To The Community

Ready to Serve

When the stakes are that high you work as hard as you can for as long as you can. So every weekend for more than two months I walked door-to-door to inform voters and organized more than a dozen standouts with dedicated volunteers. I am so proud that, through our efforts together as a community, Weymouth defeated the ballot initiative with a 2:1 margin! I'll always be ready to stand up and do my part to safeguard public education.

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Committed to Public Education

Matt Bryer for

Weymouth School Committee